Yet Another Man Caught in the Women’s Restroom Doing Exactly What We Warned About

Kirsters Baish| The mainstream media isn’t reporting the “war on women” properly. There truly is a war going on within our country, but their refusal to report the facts has left us in the dark. The left continues to pretend that they are the biggest supporters of women and feminism, but the truth of the matter is that actions speak much louder than words. Liberal policies have put women in grave danger.

If you need proof all you have to do is look at the recent case that took place in Houston, Texas. A man decided to walk into a women’s restroom and start recording video footage on his cellphone of a young woman in a bathroom stall. What made the situation even worse is that the accused pervert was already a registered sex offender. His history included filming other women in restrooms. Among these women, an underage girl. The truly sickening part? He was simply given a slap on the wrist for his actions.

KTRK News reported that 25-year-old Darryl K. Suber Jr. was caught by a waitress at a Hooter’s restaurant. 

The news station reported, “Hailey Zipperer […] a waitress at a Hooter’s in Humble, was using the restroom when she noticed a cell phone over the middle of her stall. She says she jumped up immediately and confronted the person, later identified in court records as Suber.”

While one incident of this kind of behavior is enough to crown anyone as a sick individual, Suber has a long history of preying on defenseless women and young girls. Somehow, he has avoided serious jail time… until now.

KTRK reported, “Suber […] was given five years probation for attempted promotion of child pornography. An improper photography charge was dismissed after his arrest at a Cheddar’s restaurant in Spring last December. Witnesses said they heard a young girl scream in the bathroom that someone was recording her.”

Suber was released and stayed free and able to commit even more crimes.

KTRK decided to take a closer look at Suber’s past. What they found was truly shocking and deeply disturbing. The trend of violating the rights of women and young girls dates all the way back to his high school years.

The station went on, “He pleaded guilty in return for deferred adjudication for taking pictures or videos of female classmates in the locker room at Kingwood High School.”

Suber has been arrested three times in the past for exposing himself to women in public. He is a registered sex offender in the state of Texas. Every single time he commits a crime, he has been sentenced to laughable punishments like probation.

A woman who was reportedly in a restaurant in Texas last year when Suber began taking photos of a young girl in the restroom, Kisha Foster, stated, “He is scum. He is scum.”

Foster explained to reporters that she “heard the girl’s screams as she ran from the bathroom for help. ‘He’s camera-ing me.’ She meant, ‘He’s video recording me.'”

I can’t help but draw a comparison between the recent “bathroom debate” in which liberals want to allow transgenders to choose the restroom they use to the recent string of men entering women’s restrooms and committing crimes against women.

KTRK explained, “He told his probation officer ‘he does not believe that there should be an expectation of privacy in a public restroom and that he doesn’t think that it should be against the law to video someone in the restroom because you can’t deny your urges.’” 

These are the kind of occurrences that the Republican-backed bill in Texas was working towards preventing. Earlier in the year, a proposal was made that was meant to keep men out of women’s restrooms and changing areas. The bill was blocked by moderates and liberals within the state house.

Reuters reported, “It would have required people to use restrooms, showers and locker rooms in public schools and other state and local government facilities that match the sex on their birth certificate, as opposed to their gender identity.”

The left has long pretended that sexual assaults as well as invasions of privacy (such as men entering women’s restrooms in the first place) are just a myth. This kind of sick behavior happens far more often than one may think. Leftists have been trying so hard to destroy societal norms that they have lost sight of the safety of American citizens. There are rules and regulations for specific reasons. It’s time that we remind them about people like Suber who are putting women and young girls in danger.