Yet Another Liberal City About To Go Bankrupt Unless They’re Bailed Out … Should We Pay?

Kirsters Baish| Surprise, surprise. Another Liberal city is failing in the financial department. It has been reported by The Wall Street Journal that the financial distress of Hartford, Connecticut is very real. The city will be forced to file for bankruptcy unless the government comes forward with the big bucks.

Officials in the Liberal city of Hartford notified Connecticut’s Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy that they will be filing for bankruptcy in 60 days if they don’t receive a huge bailout from the state government or a motion coming from the state legislature that will increase the city’s funding. The deficit of Hartford is close to $50 million. It seems like a lot of Liberal cities have been racking up massive amounts of debt… are we sensing a pattern?

The letter to Malloy was signed by numerous city officials. Hartford’s Democratic Mayor Luke Bronin explained that the situation was “the greatest fiscal crisis in our city’s history.”

It has been reported that Malloy’s office is looking into the situation and figuring out how they will be able to help deal with it.

A statement from Malloy’s office said, “We continue to hope to have a full budget adopted by October to mitigate the harm and avoid having towns or cities go through reorganization.”

Malloy has his hands full with a lot of other issues right now as well. The finances of the entire state of Connecticut aren’t exactly where they should be. In fact, they are doing very poorly. The state still has not passed a budget for this fiscal year… they also have a $3.5 billion spending gap. Ouch! It seems as though the state is falling apart. And that’s not even all of it. Connecticut is working to dodge an executive order that was signed by Malloy which will cut important funding to cities and towns in the entire state.

The state House of Connecticut was barely ready to vote on the budget by their September 14th deadline. In fact, representatives didn’t even have a plan for bailing out the capital city of Hartford. They weren’t even sure if they would have enough votes to pass the bill. 

With all of the bankruptcies shaking up the Left Coast, including San Bernardino and Stockton, California in 2012, we are left wondering just what these Liberal cities have been doing so wrong. Where is all of their money going?

Hartford, Connecticut has been dealing with the cost of healthcare and pensions which have cost them millions. The city owes nearly $180 million for debt service, health services, pensions, and different costs so far this year. The amount adds up to HALF of the city’s entire budget if you don’t take into account education.

The city of Hartford also wants the state legislature to create an entirely new committee to deal with arguments with labor unions. Why are these Liberal cities still allowing illegal immigrants to rush their cities? Don’t they understand that this isn’t helping their problems with debt? Perhaps they should take a good hard look at where their money is going and take a hint from Conservative cities about how to manage their funds a little better…