Watch: Nancy Pelosi Experiences Complete Mental Shutdown on Camera

Kirsters Baish| It seems that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s news conferences have been more like an unintentional comedy show lately. She has been completely confused, seemingly disoriented, and unable to remember the most simple of things. It has become quite clear that the former House Speaker has lost it.

The American Mirror has become pretty good at putting these moments of Pelosi into film for all of us to view.

In the American Mirror’s most recent compilation of Pelosi comedy, which was edited from a news conference that took place on Thursday, she appears to be struggling… a lot.

Pelosi started out, “What an event-filled morning has been.” Yes, she’s the one who missed a word, it wasn’t a typo on our part.

She continued on to not make any sense when she said, “Really, one that marks that marks a transform of — transformative moment.” To be honest, she sounded like a drunk who was convinced she was making sense, but clearly wasn’t.

Then, Pelosi seemed to get confused about the difference between trillions and billions… there is a big difference.

With what looked like a clear spasm, she seemed to draw a blank and stated, “When President Bush left office the deficit was 1.4 trillion. Uh, trillion dollars. So you’re talking about an enormous amount of money. The national debt increased by an enormous amount- the debt was 1.4 billion in terms of the deficit.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the embarrassment for Pelosi. She kept on talking and even called a pie chart a “pie crust.” Yes, that is for real. No, I’m not making it up. She could barely get out the word “declaring.”

One of the weirdest statements she made was when she cut herself off and said, “Education being essential. Education, by the way, being any money being spent on education…”

It’s important for us to note that Nancy Pelosi has not come out and stated that she has any health-related issues. There have been no rumors about any either. If the case truly is that she is having some sort of medical problem, we would hate to be nasty about it. It just seems as though Pelosi has become rather mentally declined. Her news conferences have become much of the same. However, if you remember back to her quote about the Affordable Care Act when she stated, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy,” it doesn’t seem that this kind of thing is a new occurrence for her. Maybe she’s just not a great speaker.

She has been under questioning from her own Party about whether or not she should remain in her position as Minority Leader following last year’s electoral issues. While Pelosi seemed to steer around such doubts, in June she underwent another bout of questions pertaining to her ability to be a leader. The small group of House Democrats were concerned that after several special election losses, she wasn’t going to be helping them get to their goal anytime soon.

New York Democrat Representative Kathleen Rice spoke to CNN in June a few days after Ossoff lost a race that they were sure he was going to win, and she stated, “We need leadership change.”

There’s no telling what will come next in terms of Pelosi, but you can bet there will be some more strange quotes and video clips along the way.