Liberals Seething as “Roadside Attraction” Goes Viral Hours After California Turns Into Sanctuary State

Kirsters Baish| Out of the 50 states that make up the United States of America, there is one in particular that seems to be doing all they can to self-destruct. That state is California, and on New Year’s Day they got what was coming to them in a hilarious prank.

Drivers in California were shocked to see professional-looking signs bolted up underneath the state’s “Welcome to California” border signs. The signs looked extremely official, but once they were viewed up close it became obvious that the message was not something that the state would have printed on their own signs. Depending on who you ask, it was either hilarious or highly offensive.
The blue signs showed “OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE,” then they read, “Felons, Illegals, and MS13 welcome.” There was a third line on the sign which totally mocked Democrats who have long controlled the entire state. It read, “Democrats Need The Votes!” The signs were then marked with the Great Seal of California as well as the image of a donkey, which is meant to represent the Democratic Party. sign prank was well thought out and clearly a political statement from some angry conservatives. California officials had to explain that the signs were clearly not official when it came down to it.

The California Department of Transportation explained, “For safety reasons, Caltrans does not permit any unauthorized signs in the state right of way. If we haven’t done so already, Caltrans crews will take steps to remove them.”

A spokesperson from the agency spoke with Fox and explained that one of the signs was placed on Interstate 15 close to the California-Nevada border. There was at least one other which was located on I-40 near the California-Arizona border.

It was clear that the signs were poking at the new “sanctuary state” status that the state of California has dubbed for themselves which took effect on Monday.

Fox reported, “The law bars police in the nation’s most populous state from asking people about their immigration status or participating in federal immigration enforcement activities in most cases. The Golden State is home to an estimated 2.3 million illegal immigrants.”

This isn’t the first time in our nation’s history that someone has gone after the state of California’s ridiculous sanctuary policies. In April of 2017, there was a very similar sign located in Malibu.

KSWB News reported that older fake signs had read, “Official Sanctuary City.”

The parody message went on to read, “Cheap Nannies and Gardeners Make Malibu Great!’ (Boyle Heights Not So Much.).”

We must make it clear that tampering with road signs isn’t appropriate no matter what political affiliation you have. That being said, it’s still pretty hilarious to see the signs. Any good parody has elements of truth, so a message like “Felons, Illegals, and MS13 welcome” is pretty hilarious considering California seems to allow just anyone to come waltzing in.

Putting all jokes aside, the truth of the matter is that sanctuary policies are extremely dangerous. We are already seeing the consequences with crime rates skyrocketing in states which allow illegal immigrants to walk freely. The state of California has put themselves in a stick situation, so once we’ve warned them what else can we do?