CNN Caught Covering Up One of the Biggest Stories This Decade

Kirsters Baish| While we rang in the new year, CNN’s coverage was full of stories about President Trump going golfing, a ridiculous marijuana bus in Denver, and Ringo Starr being knighted. One thing they failed to cover? The anti-government protests that were taking place in Iran.

After CNN failed to even mention one of the most important news stories going on in our world during the first few days of the protests, they only began reporting on the protests on their website when pro-government protests (that had been planned prior to the anti-government protests) started to counter the larger protests against the government.

One Twitter user decided to point out that “The Most Trusted Name in News” had some interesting stories being published during the time of the protests…

Apparently exotic race cars and Thatcher having hated pandas is way more important than the Iranian anti-government protests.

When CNN finally got around to reporting on the Iranian protests, this is the pathetic story that they posted:

The story read, “Nearly 2,000 people gathered near the capital (of Iran), Tehran, in support of the government’s policies.”

If you compare that with the random protests that have been taking place all over the country, it’s kind of confusing as to why the pro-government protests are the focus of the headline, not the anti-government protests.

Haley Byrd of the Weekly Standard pointed out that it wasn’t even as if there was something hidden on CNN’s website about the protests.

Stories that CNN later posted seemed to shift the focus to a more convenient source.

Politicians even had to note CNN’s ridiculous coverage.

If you’re wondering why CNN might be trying to hide the Iranian protests, Cruz’s point shed some light on that. He issued a statement via his Facebook account which read, “The Iranian people want freedom and an end to the ayatollahs’ reign of terror,” Cruz wrote, “The sanctions relief provided under the disastrous Obama nuclear deal has done nothing but line the pockets of Iran’s mullahs whose sole desire is to spread their hateful ideology and do everything they can to murder Americans, Israelis, and our allies across Europe and the Middle East.”

The Obama administration made a deal with this repressive and despicable regime. Now that the people of Iran are starting to show their frustration and anger with Obama’s besties in Tehran, CNN seems to prefer to cover anything other than the historic protests for freedom from a completely brutalized nation of people.

Interesting that CNN is able to spend hours of airtime complaining about President Trump and his golfing outings, but they they can’t seem to report on protests that will go down in history. Who cares if Trump had a van placed to block news crews while he was spending his holidays with his family? Frankly, the man deserves some privacy. But when it comes to coverage of actual news stories, CNN can’t seem to get themselves together.