James Woods Opens Up a Can of Twitter Justice After Hillary Begs Americans for Money

Kirsters Baish| Let’s face it. Hillary Clinton will never give up her dream of manipulating the American people. Luckily, we have people like Conservative actor and Twitter extraordinaire James Woods on our side to tear her apart after she says or does something stupid. Woods has made a little game out of roasting the failed presidential candidate via social media, and last week was no exception. The queen of mean actually went online asking her followers for money. Woods had something to say about her request.

Right before Christmas weekend, Woods released a string of tweets that would serve to put Clinton in her place. The former Secretary of State had been promoting her organization “Onward Together” along with six other Liberal groups. She also used the opportunity to ask her followers for some cold hard cash.

Woods has never backed down from an opportunity to troll Hillary Clinton in the past, so he wasn’t about to walk away from this goldmine. His response was epic.

Clinton tweeted, “Onward Together is ending 2017 by supporting six more incredible organizations fighting to protect voting rights and to make it easier for young, diverse candidates to get on the ballot and get elected.”

“Thank you to everyone who has donated to Onward Together in our first year — we’re only able to support these great groups because of you. Let’s do even more in 2018. Onward!” Clinton went on.

Hillary hasn’t been shy in the past about asking people for their hard earned money, and this was no exception. Even with it being a few days before Christmas, the failed presidential candidate decided it was appropriate to beg Americans to fork over the dough. Woods was quick to suggest that the former Secretary of State should shift her attention to other things.

Woods shot back, “Shouldn’t you be packing for Argentina?” 

That one had to hurt. This guy is a Twitter legend at this point. He utilizes his time on the internet to roast Liberals on the daily. His truth-filled responses can be compared to those of President Donald Trump. Woods truly enjoys pointing out all of the reasons that Americans should never put their trust in someone like Hillary Clinton. His reasons are hilarious, but sadly true.

Some of his reasons are pretty damn funny.

All of them have one thing in common. They all contain elements of the truth.

Here’s to James Woods and his epic Twitter battles with the Left. Let’s hope that he never stops tweeting, because his online presence is truly one for the history books.